Writings & Sayings

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Life has been good to me. I didn’t die young. I wasn’t killed in the war. I did most everything I wanted to do, and some things I didn’t want to do. I had a job I liked and a woman I loved. Couldn’t ask for more than that.

Shipmate, January-February 1996, also in Funeral Bulletin

Wit and Wisdom from Uncle Arleigh – Surface Warfare – Sep/Oct 1991

Winning Naval Battles – Naval Message – March 1990

Doing Business in Great Waters – prepared remarks for USS Arleigh Burke Christening, September 16, 1989

The Best of Burke: Selections from the Wartime Dispatches, Battle Reports, Admonitions and Reflections of Admiral Arleigh A. Burke, USN (Ret) – Hubbard, Douglas ed. – The Admiral Nimitz Foundation – 1986

Because I Want ToSea History – Winter 1982 – 1983

USS Constitution: Living to Fight Another Day (Introduction) – Sea History – Summer 1982

Sign On With Me Said John Paul JonesSea History – Autumn 1978
reprinted in Spring 2002

Admiral Marc Mitscher: A Naval AviatorProceedings – April 1975

Young Officers and LeadershipProceedings – January 1975

Unforgettable Bull HalseyReader’s Digest – September 1973

Oral History – U. S. Naval Institute – Interviews from early 70s to early 80s

The Hazards of Negotiating with CommunistsReader’s Digest – October 1968

Oral History Interview – Joseph E. O’Connor – January 20, 1967 – John F. Kennedy Library (Topic: The Kennedy Administration)

(Look Magazine article, prolly early 1965, in response to the movie “Seven Days in May”)

National Security: Political, Military, And Economic Strategies In The Decade Ahead (Introduction) – David M Abshire & Richard V Allen – Praeger – 1963
Inaugural publication of his co-founded Center for for Strategic and International Studies.

“Freedom involves responsibilities as well as rights, obligations as well as privileges.”

Proceedings August 1962

“Power and Peace” – Orbis: Quarterly Journal of World Affairs – Summer 1962

“Readiness is a matter of national character and the staunch advocacy of the ideals and principles which are the foundation of our Country.”

Proceedings – January 1962

Farewell Letter to the US Navy – July 10, 1961

To The Destroyermen Of The U.S. Navy – July 7, 1961

An ideal night for a nice quiet torpedo attack – Parade Magazine – November 18, 1956 (from DestroyerHistory.org)

“Good men can make a poor organization work well, but poor men cannot make a good organization work at all.”

to Committee on Armed Services, 1958, reprinted in Proceedings September 1961

The Sea War in Korea (Introduction) – by Malcolm W. Cagle & Frank A. Mason – Naval Institute Press – 1957

Joint Chiefs of Staff in Operation (Comment and Discussion) – Proceedings – March 1957

Books for Korea (Comment and Discussion) – Proceedings – June 1951

Discipline In the U.S. Navy (NAVPERS 91195) – Bureau of Naval Personnel
December 1950