RDML Tom Anderson Nominated for Promotion

Congratulations to RDML Tom Anderson on his nomination for promotion.

He served on DDG51 as Auxiliaries Officer, Electrical Officer, Material Officer, and coordinated the first two Chief of Naval Operations availabilities for the DDG 51 Class.

He held several later positions contributing to the success of the class, including Ship Superintendent, Planning Yard OIC, Post Delivery Coordinator, Class Chief Engineer, Regional Maintenance Center Commander, and PEO Ships.

VADM John Nowell, Jr. Retirement

Congratulations to VADM John Nowell, Jr. on retirement after 38 years of service.

One of eight Arleigh Burke shipmates (to date) that have made flag.

Welcome #71, and some thoughts on the endurance of the DDG51 Class

When this was drafted, we did not realize one hull was delayed, so the 71st hull number was actually the 70th delivered.

USS Frank E Petersen, DDG 121 was commissioned on Friday, joining the fleet as the 71st in the class.

It wasn’t clear that the class would be this enduring.  In 1985, the plan was for 29 ships, to (mostly) replace the Charles F Adams and Coontz class.

Construction continued past 29, ending with #112 as the Navy’s interest was shifting towards DDG1000 and LCS.

After several years gap, it became apparent that the DDG1000 and LCS capability was not panning out, and the DDG51 production line restarted.

Current discussion is for production contracts to extend through 2027, some 42 years after the initial contract was signed for DDG51.

So why has the design proved enduring?

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DDG51 Earns 2021 Battle “E”

Arleigh Burke was recently announced as a winner of Battle E Award for 2021. The Battle “E” recognizes the top ship in each squadron and is awarded for demonstrating sustained superior performance, operational effectiveness, and continuous readiness. This is the same award that was presented to then LCDR Arleigh Burke’s ship, USS Mugford (DD-389), in 1939-1940.

Commanding Officer, USS Mugford (DD-389). On board his ship, circa 1939-1940. LCdr. Burke is standing by the E award Mugford won for gunnery excellence while he was in command. The E is painted on the shield of one of the ship’s forward 5/38 gun mounts. Courtesy of the Naval Historical Foundation; Collection of Admiral Arleigh A. Burke. U.S. Naval History and Heritage Command Photograph.

Former CO selected for Flag

Flag Officer Announcements

FEB. 1, 2022

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III announced today that the president has made the following nominations:


Capt. Thomas P. Moninger for appointment to the rank of rear admiral (lower half).  Moninger is currently serving as executive officer to commander, U.S. Southern Command, Miami, Florida.

Captain Moninger was the 15th Commanding Officer of USS Arleigh Burke

20th Anniversary of FM-2

First sea-based BMD Intercept

On January 25, 2002, USS Lake Erie engaged and successfully intercepted a unitary ballistic missile target with a STANDARD Missile -3.  This was the first successful sea-based BMD intercept and established the momentum for AEGIS BMD that continues until today.

Ballistic Missile Defense is a key mission for USS Arleigh Burke as a FDNF ship. During 2020, USS Arleigh Burke was upgraded with some of the latest ship technologies, including upgraded AEGIS BMD programs, in preparation for joining the forward deployed forces in Rota in 2021.

Read more here: A short history of AEGIS BMD


Dec 30th at the pier in Rota. (DDG 51 is third from right)

USS Arleigh Burke had a productive year. The ship sailed more than 44,000 miles, circumnavigated Europe, and executed operations in the Baltic Sea, Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Barents Sea, Atlantic Ocean, and Arctic Ocean. At 30+ years, the ship (and class) remains relevant, capable, ready, and on duty. See the year in review here.