Destroyer Leaders

Military, Civilian, and Industry leaders who contributed to success of the DDG51 program.

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RADM (Ret) Wayne E Meyer
RADM (Ret) Donald P. Roane
RADM (Ret) John F. Shaw
RADM (Ret) James B Green
RADM (Ret) John T. Hood
RADM (Ret) George Huchting – DRPM during OT


RADM (Ret) Bill Cobb
RADM (Ret) Charlie Hamilton
RDML (Ret) Charles H. Goddard
VADM (Ret) Bill Landay
VADM (Ret) David Lewis
RADM (Ret) David Gale
VADM Bill Galinis
RDML Tom Anderson (also DDG51 crew member)

Ship Design Team

Andy Summers – Ship Design Manager

The original design team was designated SEA 93X. The PM was Capt Dick Slye and the deputy was Ben Slomenski. I was the combat system design manager and Corky Graham was the Naval Arch.  Jim Baskerville was the SEA 03/05 SDM and Denny Mahoney was the HM&E guy.  Allen Knobler was the contracts manager in 93X.  This team became PMS400D.  Jack Shaw relieved Dick Slye and Randy relieved Ben Slomenski
(From CAPT Mike Cassidy)

(Webmaster note – have located some of the original design reports from Andy Summers, will get them uploaded this fall.)

PMS 400D

CAPT (Ret) Brian Perkinson – PM for DDG51 delivery
CAPT (Ret) Tom Bowler
CAPT (Ret) Rick Ruble
CAPT (Ret) Fred Parker
VADM (Ret) Dave Lewis
CAPT (Ret) John Ingram
CAPT (Ret) Pete Lyle
CAPT (Ret) Mark Vandroff – PM for production restart award, Plankowner
RDML Casey Morton
CAPT Seth Miller

PMS 400D1

Randy Fortune
Brian Rochon
Lisa Rondoca
Amber Huffman

PMS 400B

RADM (Ret) George Meinig
RADM (Ret) J. T. Hood
CAPT (Ret) James Polk
CAPT (Ret) Mike Cassiday
RADM (Ret) Kate Paige
CAPT (Ret) Dan Meyer
CAPT (Ret) John Geary
CAPT (Ret) James K “Fuzz” Foley

PMS 400F

Other NAVSEA Technical

Hank Kuzma – Damage Control
CAPT (Ret) John Preisel – LBES
Richie Cunningham – Machinery Control System
Toni Checcio – AG9130

Supervisor of Shipbuilding

CAPT William Rehder – September 1985 – June 1989
CAPT Paul Robinson – June 1989 – July 1992 – Supervisor at Delivery
CAPT Donald MacKenzie – July 1992 – August 1995
CAPT Ralph Staples – August 1995 – July 1998
CAPT Richard Hepburn – July 1998 – July 2001
CAPT John Ingram – July 2001 – August 2004
CAPT Michael Stanton – August 2004 – February 2006
CAPT Dean Krestos – April 2006 – July 2011
CAPT Robert Crowe – July 2011 – September 2014
CAPT Michael Taylor – September 2014 – May 2017
CAPT Joseph Tuite – May 2017 –

Honorable Sean Stackley – DDG Production at delivery


Bill Haggett – CEO at delivery
Duane Fitzgerald – President at delivery
Dirk Lesko – Current President
John Mason – DDG Program Manager at BIW
Ray Weber – Warranty / Guarantee Engineer & unofficial Asst Chief Engineer
Abbott Fletcher – Schedule & Metrics