In Memoriam

Lost but not forgotten


BM2 Travis Acosta
LT Peter Armatis
FC3 Jeffrey Boose
LCDR Oscar Bowlin
YN1 Mark Burton
EMC Frank Bynum
CAPT Chris Cigna – also see
DCFN Lesley Clanton
HM3 Brent Danicke (Plankowner)
BM1 Anthony Flowers
BM1 Shawn Grey
GSM1 Gilbert Henry (Plankowner)
IC2 Terry Jeffries (Plankowner)
SH3 Cedric Jones (Plankowner)
BM2 Brent Koel (Plankowner)
ENCS Kevin Kramer
PNCM Ramses Nabong
GM2 Stephanie Nguyen
GSCS Stephen O’Conner
BMCS Scott Portell (Plankowner)
FC1 Jason Potts
MRFN Drew Roones
FCCM Steven Rutkowski
SR David Spearman
FC2 Kenneth Stalder (Plankowner)
OS1 Ron Stevick (Plankowner)
GSMC Chuck Vanzant
STG2 Zachary Walz
SM3 Jacob Wheaton


Mr. Dave McComb (Association Honorary Member)
RADM Paul Robinson (Supervisor of Shipbuilding)
Captain Earl Walker (BIW Sea Trial Captain)

If you know of an omission from this list, either name or link to obituary, please contact the Association.