Association Calendar

Jan 1, 1996 Admiral passes
Jan 3, 1899 Bobbie Burke birth date
Jan – endFeb newsletter inputs due
March 1, 2022Anchor Scholarship applications due
April 3, 1985 BIW awarded contract for construction
May – endJune newsletter inputs due
June 29, 1984Ship design signing at NAVSEA HQ
July 1-5, 202230th/31st Celebration of Commissioning
and Crew Reunion
– Norfolk
July 4, 1991Commissioning
July 4, 1997Bobbie Burke passes
July 31, 1986Keel construction
Sep 16, 1989Launch
Sep – endOctober newsletter inputs due
October (-ish)Anchor Scholarship Applications Open
for following year
October Association Annual Meeting
Oct 19, 1901Admiral Birth Date
Nov 25, 1943Battle of Cape St. George
Dec 6, 1988Keel Laid