Admiral Arleigh Burke Foundation

Founded in 2018, the Admiral Arleigh Burke Foundations’ purpose is to educate the public on the significant achievements of Admiral Arleigh Burke in his service to the United States of America as an officer in the United States Navy.  

The Foundation is an independent non-profit organization committed to research, collect, analyze, and exhibit Artifacts from Admiral Burke’s life work and to develop an Admiral Arleigh Burke Museum Exhibit for display to the public in order to increase awareness of Admiral Burke’s accomplishments and impact on the United States Navy.

Initially, the Foundation’s efforts are focused on coordinating with the National Museum of the Surface Navy on development of “The Admiral Arleigh Burke Hall of Naval Heroes” to include a permanent exhibit on Admiral Arleigh Burke in the museum housed on ex-USS IOWA in Los Angeles.  The museum is set to fully open in 2025, the 250th anniversary of the U.S. Navy. 

More information about the museum can be found at their website.

The Association has provided seed funding to the Foundation during the first few years of existence.