Change Of Command

Commander Peter Flynn relieved Commander Patrick Chapman as Commanding Officer on Friday, May 20th, 2022.

CDR Peter Flynn (left) exchanges salutes with CDR Patrick Chapman (right) during the 22 May 2022 USS ARLEIGH BURKE change of command ceremony, while Destroyer Squadron 60 Commodore CAPT Kyle Gantt (center) and CMDCM Rafael Barney (far right) look on.
CDR P. Chapman

Commander Chapman led the ship through completing post-upgrade workups, a home port shift to Rota Spain, and a 44,000 mile initial Forward Deployed Naval Forces deployment, operating from the Arctic Circle to the Baltic Sea, all while dealing with the further complications of COVID-era operations.

CDR P Flynn

Commander Flynn has fleeted up from XO, having already made significant contributions to the success of DDG51 during the last 18 months.

Fair Winds and Following Seas to Commander Chapman, and we look forward to continued success of Arleigh Burke under the leadership of Commander Flynn.