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  1. SECNAV Visit
  2. Selected Restricted Availability
  3. Change of Command
  4. Second FDNF Patrol
  5. Nice, France
  6. Underway – June & July
  7. 31st Anniversary
  8. Riga, Latvia Port Visit
  9. Helsinki, Finland & Passex
  10. CNO Visit
  11. Underway – August – September
  12. Atlantic Thunder
  13. Homecoming
  14. French Maritime Force Commander Visit
  15. Year in Review

In March, Arleigh Burke was announced as winner of Battle E Award for 2021. The Battle “E” recognizes the top ship in each squadron and is awarded for demonstrating sustained superior performance, operational effectiveness, and continuous readiness. This is the same award that was presented to then LCDR Arleigh Burke’s ship, USS Mugford (DD 389), in 1939-1940.

IC1 Miller was named DESRON 60 Sailor of the Year.

In February, USS ARLEIGH BURKE was the first ship selected at USNA First Class Ship Selection. Shipmate – May 2022


On 19 March, USS Arleigh Burke (DDG 51) welcomed the Secretary of the Navy, the Honorable Carlos Del Toro.

SECNAV Visits NAVSTA Rota, SpainCoastline – April 7, 2022

Selected Restricted Availability

Arleigh Burke complete the ship’s first forward-deployed Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) SRA and the largest and most technically ambitious SRA ever executed at FDRMC Det Rota. This availability included a precedent setting scope of hull, mechanical and electrical (HM&E) repairs as well as first time in Rota critical path ship alteration installations AN/SQQ-89 (S/A 61580) and Ti-12 (S/A 94624).

2022 in Review: Forward Deployed Regional Maintenance Center (FDRMC) Det Rota – DVIDS – Dec 15, 2022

April Awards ceremony – four meritorious promotions, Sailors of the Quarter, and End of Tour recognition.

May – USS Arleigh Burke (DDG 51) completed Damage Control Material Assessment and Engineering Light Off Assessment. Several Sailors were recognized at All Hands Call and received Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals.

May – 51 for 51! USS Arleigh Burke celebrated completing a successful Board of Inspection and Survey assessment by recognizing 51 outstanding Sailors! During the inspection, Arleigh Burke Sailors demonstrated the ship’s material condition across all mission areas.

Change of Command

Commander Peter Flynn relieved Commander Patrick Chapman as Commanding Officer on Friday, May 20th, 2022.

CDR Peter Flynn (left) exchanges salutes with CDR Patrick Chapman (right) during the 22 May 2022 USS ARLEIGH BURKE change of command ceremony, while Destroyer Squadron 60 Commodore CAPT Kyle Gantt (center) and CMDCM Rafael Barney (far right) look on.
CDR P. Chapman

Commander Chapman led the ship through completing post-upgrade workups, a home port shift to Rota Spain, and a 44,000 mile initial Forward Deployed Naval Forces deployment, operating from the Arctic Circle to the Baltic Sea, all while dealing with the further complications of COVID-era operations.

CDR P Flynn

Commander Flynn has fleeted up from XO, having already made significant contribution to the success of DDG51 during the last 18 months.

In May, two CPOs were promoted to Senior Chief Petty Officer.

Second FDNF Patrol

On June 1st, the ship got underway on its second FDNF patrol

USS Arleigh Burke begins second FDNF-E patrol – Press Release from U.S. Naval Forces Europe and Africa / U.S. Sixth Fleet – June 15, 2022

On June 3, the ship visited Ferrol, Spain.

In June, the ship operated with the Spanish Frigate Santa María, F81

Nice, France

In mid-June, the ship visited Nice, France, and hosted a visit by RADM P. A. Dur, the ship’s first Battle Group Commander.

VilleFrance Sur Mer Mooring to Buoy on Instagram

Underway – June & July

31st Anniversary

Message from ship leadership for the 31st Anniversary of Commissioning

Riga, Latvia Port Visit

USS Arleigh Burke arrives in Riga – Press Release from U.S. Naval Forces Europe and Africa / U.S. Sixth Fleet – July 9, 2022

Click for embedded video

Helsinki, Finland & Passex

CNO Visit

The CNO visited on Aug 17, 2022, inport Rota.

Navy’s top officer says morale high aboard Rota-based destroyers, following critical Pentagon report in MarchStars And Stripes – Aug 24, 2022

Underway – August – September

Atlantic Thunder

The exercise, taking place in the North Atlantic on Sept. 7, 2022, was the premier joint and allied force maritime strike demonstration in which naval and air forces from the U.S. and U.K worked together to exercise lethal, multi-domain, long range maritime strike capabilities.

As part of this exercise, USS Arleigh Burke (DDG 51) launched a Standard Missile (SM)-6 to intercept its first anti-ship target in the US European Command’s area of responsibility.

NBRK – Fast and Feared!

US Marines aboard DDG 51 deployed a V-BAT 128 vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV) to provide battle damage assessment. The launch was V-BAT 128’s first from an Arleigh Burke-class vessel.

Atlantic Thunder 2022: The speed, lethality of a U.K.-U.S. integrated force – US Navy Press Release – Sep 23, 2022
UK and US conduct Atlantic Thunder live-firing sinking exercise – Naval Technology – Sep 26, 2022


USS Arleigh Burke (DDG 51) returned to home port after the second FDNF deployment on Oct 6, 2022. The deployment included:
– steaming 17,243 nautical miles
– six Strait transits
– seven replenishments at sea
– six port visits
    Ferrol, Spain
    Villefranche sur mer, France
    Riga, Latvia
    Faslane, Scotland
    Ramsund, Norway
    Helsinki, Finland
Atlantic Thunder-22, multi-national live fire on the Hebrides Range, including a live SM-6 firing

French Maritime Force Commander Visit

USS Arleigh Burke (DDG 51) hosted Rear Adm. Christophe Cluzel, commander of the French Maritime Force and French Carrier Strike Group, Dec. 5, 2022.

USS Arleigh Burke (DDG 51) Hosts French Maritime Force Commander – US Navy Press Release – Dec 16, 2022

Rear Admiral Cluzel and Master Chief Barney on bridge wing

Year in Review

During 2022 USS Arleigh Burke:
– spent 157 days at sea in 2022 with an OPTEMPO of 49.9%
– advanced 69 Sailors to the next paygrade, the highest of any at-sea command in FDNF-E
– hosted visits from SECNAV and CNO
– conducted successful live-firing with SM-6
– completed a complex Selected Restricted Availability
– completed a successful INSURV at 31 years old young!
– celebrated 31st year of commissioned service, while forward deployed, operationally relevant, and capable, providing the latest Ballistic Missile Defense (SM-3) and Air Defense (SM-6) capabilities to the operational commanders.

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