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‘Detect, Control, Engage’: The Aegis Concept – Naval History Magazine – June 2023

Welcome #71, and some thoughts on the endurance of the DDG 51 Class – – May 15, 2022

NSWC Philadelphia Division DDG 51-Class Land Based Engineering Site Celebrates 30 Years of Supporting the FleetNAVSEA NEWS, Oct. 8, 2019

Arleigh Burke: Leader, Ship Class, and Prologue – Vice Admiral John Morgan, U.S. Navy (Retired) with Captain Rick Easton, U.S. Navy (Retired) – Proceedings – July 2016

DDG 51 Modernization Program Meets Key Milestones – NavSea Press Release – Dec 22, 2014

Why Arleigh Burkes Handle Differently – Captain Kenyon Hiser, U.S. Navy – Proceedings – November 2004 – Preprint

New Twist for Arleigh Burkes – Commander Terry D. Mosher, U.S. Navy –
Proceedings – September 2003

Details of DDG-51 Throttle Modes of Operation – Commander Terry D. Mosher, U.S. Navy – Proceedings – September 2003

Rededication Ceremony Held Nov 19Horizon – Dec 21, 2001
(Rich Cunningham was a key leader at LBES working design and sustainment of the DDG51 machinery control system)

Handling the Arleigh Burkes – Part Two – Commander Gene Moran, U.S. Navy and Lieutenant (junior grade) Amy Morrison, U.S. Navy – Proceedings – July 2000

Handling the Arleigh Burkes – Commander James Stavridis, U.S. Navy – Proceedings – Oct 1994

Arleigh Burke Is Back – Commander John G. Morgan, USN – Proceedings – July 1991, also at USNI News July 2016

High Tech Below the Main Deck – Commander J. H. Preisel, Jr – Proceedings – October 1988

Arleigh Burke – Beating the Threat – LTjg Kenneth A. Heine – Surface Warfare – May 1988 – plus intro by VADM Nyquist

DDG51 and the Future Surface Navy – Captain Alva M Bowen, USN (Ret), and Ronald O’Rourke – Proceedings Naval Review 1985

The U. S. Navy: A New Destroyer Class – Norman Polmar – Proceedings – August 1982

The AEGIS Coloring Book – Johns Hopkins APL – 1973
An organizational concept for AEGIS system control and its application to combat system control.

An AEGIS History Course

The road to the AEGIS solution

A Radar History of World War II: Technical and Military Imperatives – Louis Brown – Institute of Physics Publishing – 1999
The emergence of radar in warfare. Thick reading, but where the technical story starts. Pay particular note to how Britain, with the lowest technology solution, develops the first real operational concept to employ radar, overcoming that low technology – that Germany had completely discounted, and could not believe was playing a factor in the Battle of Britain. This is the real story of modern warfare – it isn’t how good your technology is, but how you use it in an operationally relevant way.

When Computers Went to Sea: The Digitization of the United States Navy
– David L. Boslaugh – Wiley-IEEE Computer Society Press – 2003
Picks up right where the radar history ends – some crossover names. The data generated by radar quickly overcomes capability of the manual plotting board – what is the solution? And will a Navy CO “listen” to what a computer says? CDR Meyer appears at the end of this book.

The Story of AEGISNaval Engineers Journal – Special Edition – 2009
Development of the AEGIS solution
The beginning of real Systems Engineering – success came from taking over the entire combat system, then the entire ship – so that all subsystems were engineered to work together as an integrated, effective system.

Standard Missile: The Common Denominator – Marion E. Oliver And William N. Sweet – Johns Hopkins APL Technical Digest – Volume 2, Number 4 (October–December 1981)
Development of the missile from WWII. The development of real “fire control” – closed loop tracking for r(t) -> 0 (otherwise known as Mark India).

Other relevant articles in the same edition as above – Fleet Defense Systems And Technology. Other APL Tech Journals address AEGIS, Standard Missile, and Ballistic Missile Defense, but this is a good place to start.

AEGIS LEAP Intercept – Troy Kimmel – unpublished report – October 2004
Early history of the BMD capability.

Why Did AEGIS BMD Succeed? – J.K. Hiser – unpublished white paper -November 2019
With the deck stacked against success, how did AEGIS BMD become the US BMD workhorse? This was inspired by the same summary in the Boslaugh book, but without first developing the complete story.