HMS Lancaster

First part from John Ingram:

Here’s a story – I remember driving to the ship on a Friday night from DC to work on the elec plant issues, and being ordered to come down the pier to the British ship you guys were hosting (HMS Lancaster). The whole wardroom had gone down for a reception in the wardroom wearing identical nametags reading “Bond, James” and SM2 zuni-stiped ball caps that said “Shoot-em In The Face”. I arrived to chaos in the Brit wardroom, was handed a beer with way-too-high of an ABV content, and watched Rick Easton and his Brit counterpart trying to drink one of those high octane brews standing on their heads. Everybody had congregated at the aft end of the compartment, because the deck actually rose in the wardroom going forward, and the amount of beer consumed apparently made people prioritize staying upright over climbing the rise of the deck. Reminded me of why I became an EDO, to make just such observations.

Remainder of the story –

We had been invited for “tea” which apparently is some brit euphemism for drinking. I recall at some point they had some sort of stew on rice, but we had already consumed too much of their bitters.

Showing amazing prudence, at some point, the wardroom to a man retreated back down the pier to the ship to sleep off the impacts prior to heading home. Weps just happened to be crossing the quarterdeck, looked outboard, and noticed the SURFLANT “barge” was just passing outboard. He prompted the OOD to render honors properly, before adjourning to his rack. (Quote barge, because it was one of the DEA impounded repurposed pleasure boats.)

Well, Monday morning there was an “all ships present” message from SOPA, about how only one ship on the waterfront had recognized and rendered honors to SURFLANT, and not only that, it was the only ship in the harbor without the third sub hoisted, so they were commended for “setting the standard.” (In general it was true, but not maybe at that exact moment.)